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Forum reactivation statement

Post by ADMIN » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:39 am

After just over two years, the VK Logger Forum is being re-activated for two primary reasons;

1) Facebook

My own experiment with Facebook concluded recently.

It's been interesting to observe how much use Facebook ham radio groups receive (lots!), compared to traditional Forums, such as this (little).

Why is this?
There's no doubt Facebook is quick and easy to use, so it is well suited to a society that is rapidly dumbing down.
A few taps on the phone, and your content is online.
Most Facebook content is low-value living-in-the-moment drivel, barely a sentence worth, and certainly not worthy of searching back for, even if you could.

Someone will post something pointless, and as night follows day, the smart-ass comments will start flowing.
That's amusing a for a while, but the novelty eventually wears off.

However, Facebook should not be completely ignored, as it's a good promotional tool to reach the masses.
Ham radio clubs really should have a Facebook presence (that is 'Public' and not stupidly hidden) to promote their activities, especially linking back to content on their own websites.

In the ideal world, hams would utilise both a Forum and Facebook groups to share information and knowledge to broaden their reach.

Since November 2017 I have throttled back my own Facebook use significantly, culling my ham radio groups back to one.
VHF UHF Microwave VK ZL
It receives a healthy amount of activity, and most members appreciate seeing 'minimal drivel'.
ie: keep the S/N ratio high.

By turning off notifications, eliminating the multitude of small narrow-focused groups" (that quickly become unsustainable in their own right, and just end up being splinter groups) to a few broad interest groups only, and by not getting caught up in the drivel on "friend" timelines I reckon I've picked up 10+ hours a week to be more productive, and for things that actually matter.

This assumes you do not suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) anxiety complex.

2) Oz Logger Forum > AHRDF
This Forum sought to fill a hole upon VKL Forum being placed into archive, but was doomed from the beginning.
Text-only, no images, ADSL connection, then a crippling file size limit on a limited number of attachment types, being generally unreliable in operation, along with endless tinkering has discouraged most people from utilising it.
We've been seeing increased noise about "use it or loose it", so it's only taken 2 years for that Admin to wake up to the frustrations that I was encountering leading up to this Forum being archived (at which point house renovations took over most of my spare time).

As someone who has been passionate about seeing more new blood into the hobby, I would encourage all of you to utilise both this Forum, and Facebook groups.
Don't be that stubborn old man who refuses to join in on Facebook groups altogether - you are literally a dying breed.
Remember: Be selective, use your time wisely, and ignore/snooze all the drivel.

I continue to believe in;
The easier you can make it for somebody to learn, the more likelihood is they will become involved and active.

Do you want to enjoy plenty of ham radio activity in the future?
Unless you help turn things around, this slow death will continue.

It's up to you.

Or do some of you prefer to spend your time sharing around the "cat and dog" type videos on Facebook?
And then claim you have no time for other things.

I think I have reinstated all the former settings, but please let me know if something has been overlooked.
Your account has not been touched since, so whatever your last password was, that should be it.
If you have trouble remembering your last p/w, use the "I forgot my password" feature and it will email a reset link to your Forum account email address.

Adam Maurer
VK Logger Administrator

Leading horses to water since 2005

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