Help - I cannot sign into the Discussion Forum

How to do stuff with the Forum! Custom time display, post pictures, retrieving a forgotten password, updating your callsign username, etc
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Help - I cannot sign into the Discussion Forum

Post by ADMIN » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:31 pm

If you are having trouble signing into the Discussion Forum, please ask yourself the following questions;

1) Have I actually registered with the forum?
Should be obvious, but often overlooked.

Please note that registration with theVK Logger Discussion Forum is separate to registering with VK Logger itself.

2) Did I read the "Must Read" topics found here BEFORE registering?
Banned email addresses, and acceptable usernames are discussed.

3) Did I receive the email confirming the account is now active?
These are automatic, but if you haven't followed the "must read", your account may have been deleted.

4) Have I changed callsigns recently?
YOU are responsible for updating your VK Logger Discussion Forum identity.

5) Have I used the "I forgot my password" functionality found on the Login page?

It's quite an easy and painless process.
You ARE expected to read the "Must Reads" in the Admin Notices areas first though.


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