Automatic notification of new topics & posts

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Automatic notification of new topics & posts

Post by ADMIN » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:16 pm

Regular forum users will be aware that, if you post a comment in a topic, you can "subscribe" to that topic.
ie; you will receive an email notification of any further replies made in the topic.
This is handy for keeping tabs on a discussion, especially if you are expecting replies.

But, did you also know...
Not only individual topics, but you can also subscribe to forums, and receive automatic emails advising of any new posts within that forum category.

For example, if you have an interest in anything posted to the "23cm and above" forum, you can easily be kept informed of any new activity in that forum.

:!: First, check you have actually signed into the forum

Above: To subscribe to a forum, scroll down to bottom left of page, and click "Subscribe Forum"

Above: The forum will momentarily acknowledge this

Above: When a new topic is created, or a post is made, the forum will automatically send you an email advising of this

Above: The email will contain links, which can take you straight to the new topic or post

If you want to stop receiving automatic notifications at any time, you can click "Unsubscribe forum"

Above: Unsubscribe link is also located at the bottom left of the page

(You can also manage all you subscriptions from the "User Control Panel", (UCP link located at the top left of the forum).)
(User Control Panel > Overview > Manage subscriptions)

Above: Again, the forum will momentarily acknowledge your choice, if you decide to unsubscribe from watching a forum

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