Attachments 101 - including attachments in your post

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Attachments 101 - including attachments in your post

Post by ADMIN » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:19 pm

Including attachments in your posts are a great way of sharing information.

Not only pictures, but attachments could be: PDFs, a Word doc, an Excel spreadsheet, a BAS file of your latest PICAXE project, etc.

As with anything downloaded off the internet, if it's an executable file, then you should trust the uploader before running it.
I think we are 99.999% ok here, because this forum registration is limited to legitimate amateur radio operators to begin with.

When uploading, file size is limited to 256kB per attachment.
(You may need to downsize some pictures straight out of your digital camera, and 800 or 1024 pixels wide is the recommended size for posting images on the web)

You can include up to three attachments per post.
To upload more, simply finish off your current post after three, create a new post, and continue on.

Uploading files is very easy, and only takes a few mouse clicks to do!

By default, attachments will appear at the bottom of your post, and this is the easiest method for a novice poster.
Getting fancy, we can place attachments "inline", so we can position them where ever we want in amongst other text, etc.

If you are unsure, here follows a step-by-step guide.
This may look like a complicated procedure, but it isn't.
We will upload two attachments, place them inline, and preview our post before submitting.

1) When creating a new post, click on the "Upload attachment" tab:

2) Click on the "Browse" button:

3) Navigate to the location of where your file is located on your computer
4) Click "Open" to select the desired file:
In this example, we are uploading a PDF document

5) Click "Add the file":
We have also added some descriptive text... a little bit about the file

6) After a few seconds (depending on your internet speed/file size), the file is uploaded:

For a quick 'n easy attachment, that's it!
Told you it was easy. :wink:

Don't forget to finish off typing your post, and press the "Submit" button.

To get fancy, read on...

7) Click "Place inline":
Instead of having all the attachments at the end of out post, we can position them where we like, within the post.

8) Browse and open the next file to attach:
This time, we will attach a JPG image

9) Adding descriptive text, and placing the second attachment inline:

10) Inline attachments will immediately follow the text:

You can add a few lines to space things out nicely, like so:

11) For confidence, click "Preview" to see what your post will look like before submitting:
Here we can see our attachments, with text flowing around them.

Whether you upload, 1, 2 or 3 attachments, do not forget to click submit to submit your post!

Enjoy sharing information about your hobby, and what you've been up to. :D
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