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Forum avatars

Post by ADMIN » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:23 pm

You can have your own personal avatar, either hosted elsewhere, or uploaded to this forum.

The following image criteria do apply:

Maximum avatar file size (For uploaded avatar files): 8192 Bytes (ie; 8kb)

Minimum avatar dimensions:
Width x Height in pixels.
20px x 20px

Maximum avatar dimensions:
Width x Height in pixels.
80px x 80 px
To upload a small avatar;
1) User Control Panel
2) Profile
3) Edit Avatar
4) Browse your computer for the image file
5) Submit

Please note, it is very uncool to have animated avatars with a large filesize.
Not all users have access to fast broadband, or use mobile devices, and waiting a long time for each page to load because of some ridiculously large avatar ain't funny, so even if you are hosting your own avatar, please keep it under 50k absolute maximum out of courtesy for other users.

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