VK Logger SWL callsigns

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VK Logger SWL callsigns

Post by ADMIN » Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:42 am

Hi all

The VK Logger identity of Short Wave Listeners, TV DXers, etc, ie; those users without an ACMA issued callsign, has been fairly casual - up until now.
From this day forward, all "SWL" identities will follow this strict (yet simple) convention;


Where the identity consists of;
Country Prefix
n=State id
Stroke SWL
x=unique numeral, commencing at 1

This will avoid the situation of a casual SWL callsigns being similar in appearance to an ACMA issued ham callsign, as has happened in the past.
The SWL callsign convention will also apply to VK Logger Discussion Forum users too.

At the moment, we have;
VK2/SWL1 Todd in QF56
VK2/SWL2 Richard in QF56
VK2/SWL3 Will in QF56
VK6/SWL1 Tony in OF77

It should be noted, that although they do not hold amateur tickets, these TV and FM DX enthusiasts are very well set up to accurately measure TV carrier frequencies, and/or monitor interstate FM broadcast stations.
These guys provide useful information regarding transmitters we use as early warning indicators for our band openings, and regularly update entries listed in the EWarns (Early Warnings) database. We thank them for their valuable contributions to our community.

ALL SWLs - Please contact me, BEFORE you create a VK Logger profile.
If you chose your own username, and it does not conform to the above, or is out of sequence, then it will be modified.
VK Logger Administrator

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