MUST READ: Before you register

PLEASE read the "MUST READ" topic in Admin Notices BEFORE you register here.
This is a human/spambot test.
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By registering any account on, you are accepting the Terms Of Use ("TOU").
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MUST READ: Before you register

Post by ADMIN » Mon Mar 28, 2005 10:20 pm


1) When registering on the VK Logger Discussion Forum, username is your callsign IN UPPERCASE

This does not mean a combination of your name and callsign, or a "1" or "2" on the end, or anything else.
Just your callsign, in UPPERCASE.

Valid examples:

INvalid examples:

All spam attempts contain lowercase, so registrations with ANY lowercase characters are AUTOMATICALLY DELETED, even if they look like a legitimate callsign.

2) Registration Question for humans - SPAM trap
Read the question carefully, and answer in one correctly spelt word.

3)"User Account Activation by Administrator" feature is enabled
All registrations are cross-checked against other sources, such as the ACMA database, QRZ, etc.
Your identity must be verifiable.

Inactive accounts that have not signed in within 12 months of registering are routinely flushed from the system.

* You are permitted to have one forum account
You do not need multiple forum accounts.
If your callsign changes, please edit your username.
This is easy to do, and only takes YOU a few moments.

* I might forget my password
Then make a note of it somewhere, so you can refer to it later - simple?

Do not expect others to waste their time, because you won't spend a few moments managing your own affairs.

The Administrator does NOT "reset" passwords - your Forum account is 100% SELF MANAGED.

YOU can always use the I forgot my password, and a temporary password will be emailed to the email address in your profile.
Ensure your email address in your profile is accurate for this to work.

* Terms of Use
By registering an account on, you are accepting the Terms Of Use.
If you have registered an account by accident, or do not accept the Terms Of Use, please contact the Administrator, so that your account(s) can be deleted ASAP.

Be advised that you, the author, are responsible for any content that you post on the resources, and the Administrator and Moderators are not liable for any content that is posted.
The Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to delete any inappropriate content, without notice.

* Participation
A forum with few posters and lots of lurkers is a waste of time.
There is an expectation that you will contribute, and post interesting and useful information that will help our community.
If you just want to sit there and be entertained, turn on the TV... or scroll through the never-ending dribble on Facebook.

* But I'm not a licensed ham radio operator?
No problem!
We have many registered users who do not hold a callsign.
If you are a legitimate, but unlicensed person with a direct interest in amateur radio, please contact the administrator to arrange a non-callsign username.

You might like to familiarise yourself with the VK Logger FAQs and Help Topics

VK Logger Discussion Forum HELP Topics

With your understanding, welcome to the VK Logger Discussion Forum! 8)

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