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Forum re-direct Sep 2019

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:55 am
Hi all

Given there is no need to differentiate between the Forum and the (discontinued) "Logger", this Forum has been moved to, and simply,

If you still go the old URL, it will re-direct you automatically.
Updating your bookmark is not entirely necessary.

If you've seen somebody post something interesting and helpful on a Facebook group, and then struggle to find it again when you really need to refer to it later, how about suggesting to others about posting their info on this Forum as well.

Forums are a lot more compartmentalised so it's much easier to find and search for things.
vs things getting buried amongst the endless dribble on FB.

The 'switched on' people realise that a much wider audience can be reached with cut 'n paste dual-posting.

Climbers: they seek to achieve the best result and put effort into things.

Campers: they're happy and content with mediocre and do the bare minimum. (always camping on Facebook, coz its quick 'n easy)