Reminder: Check your email address is valid

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Reminder: Check your email address is valid

Post by ADMIN » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:45 am

Just a reminder that you check your VK Logger Discussion Forum account details are up to date.
Even more so, if you have changed email addresses recently.

Specifically: Check your email address in your account profile is valid.
This is vital, should you forget your password, and need to use the "I forgot my password" feature, where the system will email you a temporary password.

Your Forum account is self managed, so YOU are responsible for managing this - nobody else.

Please do a check now. :wink:
Click on User Control Panel, (top left above) > Profile > Edit Account Settings.
Do not forget to press "Submit" to save any changes.

I can recommend keeping a note of your various usernames and passwords for all the web sites you may use, either written down, or in a txt file, Word doc, or Excel spreadsheet, etc.
This makes it very easy to recover from a "brain fade" moment.

The same applies to VK Logger as well.
Please make sure the email address in your Logger account(s) is valid.

Also, if you are having trouble with this or that, please read the Help topics.
All the basics are explained in plain English, often with screen shots, in order to help you, help yourself.

VK Logger Discussion Forum Help

And, a reminder that the Logger and Forum use separate accounts, and do require separate registration.

VK Logger Administrator

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