Mini-Kits High SWR

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Mini-Kits High SWR

Post by VK7HH » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:40 pm

I posted briefly about this in another thread on here, but I thought I would add a new one.

A local amateur has a transverter with a MiniKits EME166 sequencer in it. Long story short, when changing the coax cable between the IF radio (817) and the sequencer, it causes the SWR that is detected on the IF radio to change.

One cable of unknown length causes a High SWR fault on the radio. Changing this out for a couple of other cables produces different results.

The EME166 has no return loss plots or input SWR information. I wondered if anyone else had come across this?
My EME166 produces "2 bars" of SWR when operating at 2.5W from the 817. I haven't changed the cable length to see what it does however.

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