ACMA IFC 27 June

ACMA, Licencing, and Examination discussion
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ACMA IFC 27 June

Post by VK5ZLR » Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:33 pm

Deep in the heart of state of the art.

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Re: ACMA IFC 27 June

Post by VK3BA » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:30 pm

G'day Richard,

It's interesting reading... here's my summary after a quick read...

The 3GHz band continues to be under the pump, but 3.3 - 3.4GHz still there... but with the proliferation of new 5G telco networks, this band will always be under pressure, depends on where you reside/live/operate.

Relaxation of restrictions on the use of commercially manufactured equipment for F-Calls. There's been plenty of discussion on this over the years.

Relaxation of internet-connected repeater equipment by F-Calls. There's a lot of smart F-Calls out there that are quite capable in this domain, which I support.

F-Calls get a power increase to 50W PEP and access to digital modes

F-Calls to be able to apply for a Q-series callsign... QAA-QZZ series... I'm sure that'll cause a confusing conflict with Q-codes...

Standard calls get a power increase to 200W PEP

Discussion about 50-52MHz becoming primary access

EME guidelines to be discussed

Finally, whilst I haven't been involved nor active in putting forward submissions for future syllabus inclusions for examinations, I think that valve theory should be dropped (it's 2019 FFS), less emphasis on battery systems and other old school stuff, but that subjects like EME Safety, digital electronics, digital voice, signalling protocols, social interaction & on-air skills, standards of dress & hygiene at hamfests, listening skills, basic TCP/IP understanding and VHF/UHF transmission theory & practical skills should be considered. Just my thoughts & rants... :popcorn:


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