VK5RBV from QF12

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VK5RBV from QF12

Post by VK3SIX » Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:05 pm

The RBV beacon at 430 km is providing me with some idea of what the east coast experience of AE must be like.
I have not noticed this ever on 5VF which in my direction is a weak and ineffective signal, however as the RBV path from Hamilton passes through the Melbourne Bordertown (VOR) Tailem Bend (VOR) Modbury (LOC) jet route.
Mid path the beacon lifts from noise floor and is enhanced by Aircraft Enhancement..
There are also the morning pings from m/s and E layer enhancements including back scatter.

At summer's end I intend to swing the large array at RMV off 275 and VK6 and onto 315 pointing at Adelaide and Alice Springs and Europe and leave it there for several years.

I will change the time switch to activate at 0600 until noon 1200 midday SAST.

Reports or postings would be appreciated and logged on Adams logger.

Its cost about $40 a month to run the site so use it or lose it thanks.

VK3RMV sysop 50.2937 CW.

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