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Post by VK3ZAZ » Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:42 pm

During recent Angel Flights I have had tracking discrepancies between GNSS/RNAV and RADIO
Not always but sometimes

When flying the VOR will report on track and the RNAV will say tracks over there 1/2 mile
It did it on a short run and on a long trip.
But because I only have one of each unable to confirm.

I haven't confirmed with any other pilot either that the discrepancies in tracking are that obvious
and there are no NOTAMS out.

Have any of you had odd GPS readouts like road is over there?

Must be my aircraft
Outside aerial and high altitude so not a line of sight issue.

RAIM is right and so is NPA approach mode which is where the accuracy is..less than 8 metres

So would the US remove accuracy because of the Syrian Iraqi conflict like they did in 1989 during gulf war?
As though the yanks have inbuilt some variations to stop gps missiles coming back down at them.
It happened about he time the canister went astray into ISIL hands.

By the way they turned OFF YWE 114.3 near Ballarat and a couple of NDBs so the count down is on to transfer all NAV to PBN and turn off most radio aids.
NATYA is gone.

There are only a few VORS between VK3 and VK5 now
MTG 117.00
NHL 116.5
AVALON is still on
Tread your own path :om:

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Post by VK6AKT » Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:34 pm

About 3 weeks ago I was traveling down near Margaret River in SW Western Aus and my Tom Tom had me driving in the middle of the paddock next to the road.
Also Tom Tom have just updated their software just last week?
If this keeps up I may get lost going to the local Pub !!!

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