Jt65 on ipad

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Jt65 on ipad

Post by VK4KL » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:59 pm

Does anyone know if jt65 is going to be available on ipad?


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Re: Jt65 on ipad, linux based pads first

Post by VK2ZIW » Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:27 am

Hi Adrian,
There are very few 'linux/android sound', to device driver, programmers out there.


WSJT uses 11025 b/s as the sample-rate used for audio processing. 11025 = 44100 / 4

WSJT-X uses 12000 b/s 48000 / 4 for audio processing.

The "standard" sample-rates ALL cards support are 44100 and 48000.

So in WSJT-X, I can use my Ensoniq PCI card only, not intel (on motherboard), not C-Media USB, no others.
Because, WSJT-X tests all cards for 12000 capability and builds a list. WSJT does the same, 11025.

In short, who, in the amateur world is going to learn and do this programming for us?

FLDIGI has it done. FLDIGI ran on my Raspberry Pi.

80 (rectifier) ( problem solver)


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