JT65 protocol, Version 2.0

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JT65 protocol, Version 2.0

Post by VK4CZ » Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:18 am

A limitation of JT65's structured message protocol has always been that
compound callsigns such as 3B9/K1XYZ or VE3ABC/W9 are accommodated
gracefully only if the add-on prefix or suffix is one of about 350
stored in a program table.

We are presently implementing version 2.0 of the JT65 protocol in the
widely used programs WSJT, MAP65, and JT65-HF. The new version is fully
backward-compatible with the presently used JT65 protocol (which now
might be called "JT65 version 1.0"). In addition, it supports messages
of the form

CQ pfx/callsign grid
QRZ pfx/callsign grid
DE pfx/callsign grid

CQ callsign/sfx grid
QRZ callsign/sfx grid
DE callsign/sfx grid

where "pfx" is a 1-4 character prefix, "callsign" is a standard callsign
as used in JT65 structured messages, "sfx" is a 1-3 character suffix,
and "grid" is a 4-character Maidenhead locator. As in protocol version
1.0, you may substitute a signal report of the form "-nn" or "R-nn", or
the brief messages "RRR" or "73" for the grid locator.

When programs supporting the new protocol are released, users of older
versions may see unexpected results (such as ".....") when receiving a
compound callsign with prefix or suffix not in the original tabulated
list. For this reason, upgrading to a new version will be desirable.

Suitable announcements will be made when new program versions are
available. In the meantime, this message can serve as a preview of
what's coming.

-- 73 from Joe Taylor, K1JT and Joe Large, W6CQZ
Scott VK4CZ
Clear Mountain QG62lp

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