SG Labs 3400MHz Txvtr

23cm, 2.4/3.4/5.7/10/24/47 GHz and above - antennas, propagation, operating, etc. Includes Optical communications, with light,
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SG Labs 3400MHz Txvtr

Post by VK3APW » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:17 pm

Hi All,
just received a SG Labs 3400MHz txvtr. From the factory, it will work 3398, with a 430MHz IF.
It seems possible to reprogram the LO, to work with a 435MHz, which I will attempt in the next few days.
Published Specs, are pretty much as per the 2400 txvtr; from my limited testing so far, on the bench, it appears to exceed expectations. Power out, ( on my unit ) with 2W of IF drive, gives slightly over 4W @ 3398, and dead on 4W @ 3400MHz.
Rx, out of the box, conversion gain was set at 8dB ( is adjustable ) and the difference in performance between 3398 & 3400 is too close to call.
The lead time at the moment for these, is about 6 weeks, so if you order one, be patient, it will arrive :D
Should be good for a portable or home station.


Peter vk3apw

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